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Polina Vinogradova

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Simon allowed himself to be experimented on for so long that, by the time he meets his dad again, they have even manufactured mousse and contacts for PDS sufferers to wear, there was such a market and need for it.

Imagine how long that took.

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In The Flesh, 1x01

"I am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer, and what I did in my untreated state was not my fault."

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Tom Mison at the Brave New Warriors Panel (SDCC 2014) [x]

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spock was even bullied on the planet of nerds lmfao what a nerd

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"You know, we’ve seen Beth lose her father and leave the farm where she grew up. And she teamed up with Daryl last year and he definitely, you know, taught her some survival skills. And she’s lived a little now; she’s not just an innocent teenager anymore. She’s lived a little and she’s taking all those things that she’s learned and she’s taking a different kind of strength into season five. And she’ll have to use everything she’s got.”

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